Having suffered with knee problems and compelled to walk with the aid of a cane for more than twenty years, I needed help. An orthopedic surgeon told me I needed to have both knees replaced. I did not want to undergo surgery. When playing bridge I always carried a high cushion in order that I could get up from a low card table chair. A fellow bridge player seeing my situation suggested that I see a sports medicine physician. I took her advice and was seen by a physician that referred me to a physical therapist. I went to Sylvia Rosburg of RESTORE PHYSICAL THERAPY. Sylvia was successful in diagnosing the cause of my knee problem as being the result of a serious injury to my right hip which occurred many years ago. After being treated by Sylvia for a few months I was walking without the aid of a cane and free for knee pain for the first time in many years.
-Terry Slagle

Many times I have answered questions and shared with my doctor. But this visit was different--someone heard me! Sylvia Rosburg's ability to be present with me was unfamiliar. Her knowledge and skills intercede by guiding you, mind and body working together. She will "hands-on" teach you the wisdom to begin again; there is always something. Communication will be the key to restoration.
-J. M. Vega